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Chugging Along: An update on the story, the business, and mental health awareness month!

Happy Monday to everyone that comes to read my ramblings. I appreciate you. I have nothing planned out for what this blog post is going to be about today, so I figured I'd just do a quick little update on life and writing and all that jazz.

First off, the story is going well! There's still a few questions to answer as I continue writing it, but I have faith that it'll all work itself out in the end. My major goal - capturing the feeling of deep south Louisiana, Cajun country - has been coming together nicely. Almost a bit too nicely, when I think about it. In the case of this story, the most important aspect to me was the setting and the mood of the story, and in searching for that feeling I've started to immerse myself in the culture. I like to think that every writer does this, doing research by taking trips or talking to the types of people that might appear in the story. I don't have the luxury of spending a month in Louisiana so I'm living vicariously through food, music, and TV shows. I made a delicious jambalaya style meal last night and listened to some Cajun music, and while I didn't get any writing done yesterday, my brain is in the proper space. I would have written this morning, but I woke up late and didn't have a chance. The rest of the week, however, I'm excited to see what comes out. We've breached the 20,000 word mark in it already, and while I feel bad for taking days off here and there, I think back to starting the novel in mid-March and I'm happy with the progress. Especially when I've been focusing on the business aspect of this whole endeavor as much as I have.

I guess that leads me into another thing. I've hit over 200 followers on Facebook! I know that's not a lot, and some people can get there organically without any help from paid promotions, but it's a big deal for me. I'm not a social person, and I don't have a large network of friends and family that are interested in this type of thing, so having 200 people that care about the books is amazing to me! Along with that, I've had someone rate the book on Goodreads out of the blue, which is doubly amazing. I'm in awe every time I think about the fact that people that I have never met or talked to have found and read a story that I've thrown out into the world. I can't show my gratitude enough, and I hope that it continues and they're enjoyable for the people that give them a try.

That segues into the final thing I thought about talking about. May is Mental Health Awareness month, and I just so happen to have a book that deals with that topic! When I started writing PsyConics, the goal was originally to publish it during May as part of the theme, but it ended up not coming out until June because of my lack of time management skills. Now that May is upon us again, I thought I'd mention it. Mental health is something I've struggled with for a big chunk of my life and the idea that someone could "cure" it was instantly appealing to me. Couple that with the fact that I've always been interested in the complete lack of knowledge we have surrounding the pineal gland, add in a dash of psychic powers, and you've got the recipe for a story that I was so excited to explore. It was also the first book that I threw money and effort into, and I think it turned out well. If you haven't read it, you can find it here. I think I'll even update the main page to display it for the month.

I think that's all I have to say at the moment, so I'll leave it there. Here's to a fantastic month, a great week, and a good day. As they say in Cajun country: Laissez les bon temps rouler. Let the good times roll.


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