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Bound to Parish is a suspenseful thriller set in the backwater bayous of Louisiana, where a state homicide detective is called back to the small town of his childhood when his mother passes away. While there, he stumbles into a missing persons investigation that’s leaving local police stumped. He reconnects with old friends and old flames in hopes of finding his purpose in life while also hunting for a possible serial killer with no apparent motive.

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The Path of the Divine Order

A cult in the backwoods of Missouri follows a leader who claims to speak with a ‘higher power’, Carnath. They seem peaceful and loving at first, but as time goes on, the higher power forces them into decisions that seem against their ways. Two detectives, Charles and Laura, tasked with investigating the cult, start poking around before things get out of hand. Mason - a computer programmer - is working toward creating the first true artificial intelligence, taking careful measures to keep it separate from the world at large until he understands more about it. These three separate groups get tangled together in a finale that could alter the course of human history forever…

The Path of the Divine Order novel
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My Work

If you're interested in getting a feel for my writing, check out the short stories for FREE over in the short story section. If you want to read a longer work, all three published books can be found in the book section. Both areas can be found using the links below, and as always I appreciate you taking the time to check them out!

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Self Published Shenanigans!

Looking for new books?

I've submitted PsyConics and The Path of the Divine Order to Circle of Origins' indie reads section! He's compiling a list of self published novels for YOU to find your new favorite author! Check it out at the link below and show some love to us as we try to get our stories out there.

David Filla Author

About David Filla

Dave’s love for reading started at a young age, and his parents encouraged him to expand that passion. Growing up, they could always find him in a new Stephen King or Dean Koontz novel. His passion for writing simmered in the background for most of his young adult years and resurfaced as a hobby to pass time at work, resulting in the publication of his first novella, Fall Winds Blow. Spurred on by friends and family, he focused on the craft and has penned many short stories along with a full-length novels PsyConics and The Path of the Divine Order. When he’s not writing, he likes to watch movies, read fresh stories, and enjoy the outdoors.

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