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Bound To Parish

Suspenseful Southern Thriller

Bound To Parish book

Bound to Parish is a suspenseful thriller set in the backwater bayous of Louisiana, where a state homicide detective is called back to the small town of his childhood when his mother passes away. While there, he stumbles into a missing persons investigation that’s leaving local police stumped. He reconnects with old friends and old flames in hopes of finding his purpose in life while also hunting for a possible serial killer with no apparent motive.

The Path of the Divine Order


A cult in the backwoods of Missouri follows a leader who claims to speak with a ‘higher power’, Carnath. They seem peaceful and loving at first, but as time goes on, the higher power forces them into decisions that seem against their ways. Two detectives, Charles and Laura, tasked with investigating the cult, start poking around before things get out of hand. Mason - a computer programmer - is working toward creating the first true artificial intelligence, taking careful measures to keep it separate from the world at large until he understands more about it. These three separate groups get tangled together in a finale that could alter the course of human history forever…

The Path of the Divine Order novel by David Filla



PsyConics novel by David Filla

One in five adults suffers from mental health problems. For Candice Williams, it’s depression and anxiety. On the good days, she can manage a normal existence, but on the bad days, she just wishes for it to end. When she hears the radio commercial for PsyConics, a pharmaceutical company offering a paid six-week trial for a new medicine promising to eliminate mental health issues across the board, something compels her to reach out. It seems like a chance to take back control of her life. It also seems too good to be true.

Fall Winds Blow


Caroline Straub is looking forward to a relaxing weekend. With her mother watching her two children, she can get some much-needed time alone. As she heads to the park for a morning jog, she has no idea what, or who, is waiting for her there. Derrick Wallace has been a detective with Crestmont County PD for quite some time. Before the Slayer case, he would have said that it was one of the least stressful jobs he’d ever had. Small town police work was routine. But when five women turned up brutally murdered in the neighboring town, he was called in to find an answer. The following fall brought another five, without bringing him any closer to a suspect. He’s hoping this year will be different. Lawrence Stevenson has always enjoyed the fall. Cool air, the crunch of leaves, it reminds him of hunting season with his father. As this years hunting season begins again, he hopes it will go smoothly. Especially since his choice of prey is his fellow man.

Fall Winds Blow novella by David Filla
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