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David Filla - Biography

David Filla Author
David Filla Author

I've always loved writing. I've dreamt of being an author since I was a boy. In school, I devoured books as quickly as I could get my hands on them. The Scholastic Book Fair was one of my favorite times of year, and the Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Challenges were an easy way to get a free pizza. I spent weekends on the couch, plowing through page after page. Or at the local library, trying to find something new to sink my teeth into. My dad was a reader, so I think I owe a lot of it to him. Along with the fact that I've always been an introvert who prefers staying inside to any kind of activity.

By middle school, I was reading at a "post-college" level. Teachers were confused when this young boy would come into class, finish classwork early, and dive into a Stephen King novel for the remainder of the period. A few teachers asked me if I "should be reading that?". I think when you're 13 and reading Silence of the Lambs, people tend to question it. Those were some of the best years, though. I read almost the entirety of Stephen Kings body of work, before moving on to Crichton and Harris and Koontz. While I have an undying love and respect for King's characters, Koontz's Watchers is still my favorite book to this day.

I toyed around with writing here and there, never doing anything major with it, but making little stories that came to my head. Reading waned over the years as life became more hectic. Eventually, I found a job that gave me free time throughout the day, and I started churning through pages again. My love for the occult, the taboo, and the macabre had never left. I was always drawn to the dark side of things, and true crime shows had taken off in recent years. After finishing the books I had found in this new era, I went on the hunt for a story following a serial killer as the protagonist. Something akin to Dexter, in book form. While there were things out there, nothing struck my fancy. The classic writing advice – write the book you want to read – came to me though, and that's what I started doing. After penning a 10-page short story and sharing it around to some friends who all encouraged me to continue it, I did just that. Two months later, I had a 30,000-word novella. The process was fun, and I was finally able to call myself a "writer". Now I needed to do something about it.

I researched self-publishing, found it was easy and mostly free, and decided to give it a shot. The first book, Fall Winds Blow, came out a bit before my birthday in 2019. Then the unexpected happened. People bought it. People read it. And people told me it was good. They asked when the next book was coming out, and I think that's where the addiction started. Now, I wasn't just able to call myself a writer, I could call myself an "author". The dream had been fulfilled.

With PsyConics, the second book and first full-length novel, I focused on honing skills. Working on the craft. Trying to tell a good story. Adding depth. All of those things I love about Koontz and King and Crichton. It was hard, but I worked through it and got it out to the world as well, and again people liked it and asked for more. Then the focus became making each book better than the last. Investing more into the process, investing more into the art. The Path of the Divine Order was the novel that started my focus on the business side of writing. If I was three books into the game, why not try and make something of it?

And that's the story. We don't yet know how it will end, but it's been fun along the way. For that, I thank everyone who's ever supported me.


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