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David Filla - Biography

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David’s love for writing began at a young age. In school, he was consistently reading as much as he could. His first attempt at writing a book was in fifth grade, when he penned a four page story about a man and a dog for an assignment. By seventh grade, he was reading at a “post-college” level, and was devouring novels like Carrie, Jurassic Park, and Silence of the Lambs for the yearly summer reading contests at school. He was influenced heavily by King and Crichton, as well as Koontz when he discovered his works. Watchers is one of his favorite stories to this day.

In high school and his early twenties, writing was replaced by other hobbies as life became more centered around experiencing as much as possible. Reading, as well, was replaced by hanging out with friends and trying new things. Occasionally, he would consume a newly recommended book in a weekend but didn’t spend as much time between pages as he had before. This continued into his late twenties to early thirties. He did find time to read On Writing by Stephen King, which kept the writing fire burning in his mind.

Finally, David found a corporate job that allowed him a large amount of free time during working hours in which he would discover his passion for reading yet again, plowing through book after book in a few months. Being a fan of true crime and macabre subjects, he began looking for a story that followed a serial killer but was unable to find one that seemed to be what he imagined. Instead, he took to his computer and began working on a short, 10 page story. After sharing it with some friends and being urged to continue the story to its conclusion, he ended up with a 30k word novella a few months after. With a finished story, he started looking into self-publishing - as being a writer had been a dream since the early days of reading King and Koontz – eventually deciding to take the plunge and release the story on Amazon, doing everything himself. Fall Winds Blow was rough around the edges but received decent feedback from friends and family, who urged him to continue the journey. The next book, PsyConics, was his first full length novel, taking a bit longer to finish but also coming out more polished than the last. After that, the passion for writing had returned and a year later The Path of the Divine Order was ready for release. He plans to continue writing and self-publishing, making each book better than the last, and bringing his odd, thought-provoking stories to as many people as will have them.

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