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Short Stories, Mental Health, and Moving Forward

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

I wanted to take a quick moment to throw an update out on the blog here, just to let everyone know what's been going on in my life. It's not great, but it's happening.

Work has been incredibly stressful recently, and it's really taken a toll on my brain. Right around the time the book was released, and the wave of excitement that came with that, my day job decided to become unbearably stressful. I had a week vacation which was supposed to help the situation, but did nothing except compound the problems. I think I know how to solve the issues and start managing the stress into productivity again, I just have to find the willpower to do so. Which is what I'm struggling with right now.

Here's to hoping that I can find my way through this patch.

In other, more fun, writing style news: I added a short stories section to the website! I'm going to update it with more shorts when I can find the motivation, but for now I have one posted that I actually really enjoy. It's one of the few shorts I've written that I would love for people to read. These are stories that I've sent out to various magazines and journals in hopes of getting "officially" published, but have been rejected for one reason or another. Now that I have a place to showcase them, I figured it would be a good enough idea. For people that haven't read anything from me before, they're quick intro's into the types of stories that form in my head. Maybe I'll work on more in the future, but for now I'll just drop the ones I've had sitting around. Hopefully, more work on this section will come in the future.

Other than that, I've stalled on the book in the past week, but I'm still very interested in this next one and I'm excited to get back to discovering the story. I just need the mental fortitude to start up that hill again. I used to think depression was the key to good writing, but all its been recently is a wall. We'll find a way around it, I'm sure. We always do.

Until then, read the short story if you want. I'll be back with a new update sometime soon.


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