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Signed copies? In this economy?

Hi there. Happy Memorial Day! Hopefully you're off work and having a relaxing one. Sadly, I am not. I'll be at work all day, trying to stay busy.

Being an independent author and keeping a full-time day job is hectic. I've never been one to work multiple jobs (I've always thought people that could handle that were superheroes) and now that I'm focusing more and more on the business/selling/marketing side of this writing process, it's been draining me slowly. I love it, and I'm glad that it's been working to the extent of people discovering my books and taking a trip into a story with me, but I'm tired.

As the old saying goes, though, there's no rest for the wicked.

That's why I'm here today with an announcement!

I've mentioned this briefly in passing a few times, but if I want to iron out the final few details of the process, the only way I can do it is by doing it. So, as of today, I'm officially selling signed copies of the books!

When I started this website, I chose the online store template thinking that I would set up links to sell the books from Amazon on here. I wanted this to be the one stop shop for all the David Filla titles. Then, I discovered that it was annoying and time consuming to sort out how products and stocking and shipping and everything worked. I gave up on that idea.

Queue the release of Bound To Parish, and people are actually finding it and reading it and enjoying it. I'm ecstatic about that. However, a few people reach out and mention they'd buy a signed copy if possible, and I have to inform them that - beyond the few I have personally ordered for friends and family - that's not something I offer. This makes me feel sad. Not only from a business aspect of missing out on potential sales (something I need to think more about, obviously) but from the personal aspect of not being able to give someone something they'd want.

So I decided to do something about it.

I spent a few weekends ago setting up a store, and fiddling with things, and trying to make sure I've got everything ready to start trying to fulfill orders. After a false start last weekend due to feeling all out of sorts, I think I'm finally ready to give it a try.

If you haven't noticed, there's now a "Shop" section of the menu. From there, you can order a signed copy of each of the novels: Bound To Parish, The Path of the Divine Order, or PsyConics. They're paperback copies that will come with a business card, a bookmark with matching cover art, and a personalized Thank You card.

There's a few caveats to this. First, I only have paperbacks (because that's what I had lying around the house). I also have a VERY limited quantity (seven copies all together). Also, I haven't shipped things from my house before, which is what I would be doing with these, so shipping is currently touch and go. Right now, I'll be shipping them priority mail (and that will be added to the cost) but in the future I'm sure I'll change that up not only to save you all money, but myself as well. It was the easiest option for me to run this test.

Eventually, I want to get hardcover copies available also, get some custom shipping materials, dabble with some more swag like stickers and whatnot, but for now it's pretty bare bones.

I'll definitely be looking for feedback on this, so if you have any ideas on how to make this easier on either side, tips and tricks to selling things, or just general advice, I'm all ears. I'm definitely not a business minded person, so I'll take all the help I can get.

In other insider news, I've been slacking at writing recently. Mainly because I have both too many and not enough ideas. The ideas I do have aren't fully formed or ready to be molded yet. However, one of them is floating to the surface, and I've been enjoying the thought. This week may be the week to begin toying with that one. Spoiler alert: we may have not heard the last of Alphonse Bordeaux.

With that little hint, I'm going to go get ready for work. Check out the store if you're interested, help me test out this concept! Even if you don't want a signed copy, with summer approaching, it's a great time to go pick up Bound To Parish from Amazon.

Until next time.


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