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The Path of the Divine Order is OUT!

Check out any of the links across the page (or this picture) to grab a copy for yourself!

I can't believe it's only been a year since I released PsyConics. It took me so long to write it because I was trying to find the "groove", so to speak. When I moved to this new place (much like Mason in this book), I decided I was going to focus on building a writing habit so that I could actually be semi-consistent with this whole writing books thing. It must have worked, because here we are in March and the third book is OUT!

I loved writing this book. It was a good exploration into cults, technology, and how far people will go for their beliefs. It also provided me one of my favorite feelings when writing, which is discovering something that you weren't intending at all to happen. I specifically remember the day I wrote the scene where I discovered Mason's role in this convoluted story, and it came of out the magical ether of crafting words that surrounds the writing process. I was shocked, excited, and faced with an entirely new challenge of how to intertwine all the parts of this book that I had rolling around in my head.

If you grab a copy, I truly hope you enjoy it! It's a fun little story, I think, and it leaves you thinking. I've always appreciated books that rattle around in my head for a while after I finish them, and this gives me the same feeling (even though I'm the one who wrote it!).

I can't wait to get onto the next project, because while I don't know how exactly it's going to play out, I've already got a cast of characters mingling in my brain, and I'm ready to see what they have to give me.


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